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Stories of Divine Healing: Supernatural Testimonies That Ignite Faith for the Miraculous

Stories of Divine Healing: Supernatural Testimonies That Ignite Faith for the Miraculous

by Randy Clark

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Brain Tumor; Breast Cancer; Abdominal Cancer

We had a ministry in my church to go to the poor to pray and minister to the sick. I expect the greatest miracles among the lost and poor because they are so needy.

I was with a team one day, praying for people, when I was told about a woman there who was dying of cancer. Her name was Terry. She was a beautiful blonde-haired lady about twenty-five years old. She had two daughters that were five and seven from a previous marriage. She had been living with a man who had recently stolen her car, emptied her bank account, taken all her cash, and run off. She felt rejected by her divorce, and now she felt rejected by the man she had been living with out of wedlock. On top of all that, she was dying of an inoperable brain tumor. This tumor had metastasized into the tissue in her breast and spread down to the abdominal track. The doctors said there was nothing more they could do, that the tumor was inoperable. They told her to go home and make her will out because she was going to die.

When I learned of all this, I asked Terry if I could pray for her, and she said, "Yes." When I started to put my hands on her head, she drew back and said, "What are you doing?"

"You said I could pray for you. That is what I 'm doing," I replied.

"Here? Now?" she said.

"Yes," I replied.

"I don 't think so" was her response. She thought I was going to go home and pray for her. She didn 't understand that I intended to pray for her right then and there, but she finally let me pray. As I prayed, she began to feel heat on her head, and then electricity going through her head. I felt as though her hear. I felt as though God said to me, "This one is on Me."

Every two weeks, we took food to Terry and prayed for her. We did this about six times over a twelve-week period. Then one day she called me and told me not to come back, that she didn 't need us to bring food anymore. I found out later that another man had moved in.

Several years went by, and then I saw her one day at the local food bank. "Terry, you 're alive!" I shouted across the room. As we talked, she told me what had happened to her since I had last seen her. About six or eight weeks after our last visit, she went to the doctor. Both an MRI and a full-body scan revealed no cancer. "I had always wondered if it had anything to do with you praying for me," she said.

"Terry, Jesus healed you," I replied.

I was able to get Terry to come to our church, where she gave her testimony of what God had done for her.

    Told by Randy Clark in a sermon titled
    "The Thrill of Victory"

Breast Cancer; Deliverance

I was at a church in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with a Global Awakening Youth Power Invasion team. At one point I saw a woman in the back manifesting strongly. I went back to her and ministered deliverance and then found out that she had a tumor in each breast. Both were cancerous. Many women in her family had the same thing. I knew the Lord was about to make a miracle happen. I began to pray, and after about twenty minutes I asked her if the tumors were gone. Through the translator she told me she would be right back, that she was going to the bathroom to check. We anxiously waited for her to come out, and when she did, she was jumping and screaming, crying, and just going crazy. She ran over to us, grabbed me, and squeezed me tight. Both the tumors were completely gone! There was no sign of them anywhere! For the rest of the night she cried and smiled.

    Michael, age seventeen
    Global Awakening Youth Power Invasion
    trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil

Breast Cancer

I was on a Global Awakening trip to Brazil. One day I prayed for a young woman who had a tumor in her right breast. She told me it was the size of a walnut. I began praying for her, and as the power of God hit her, she fell to the flood. I continue to pray while she was on the ground. When she sat up, she checked the spot on her breast, and the tumor was gone! Her eyes got so big! She then stuck her hand down her shirt to double check and cried, "It is gone!" The look on her face was precious. I will never forget it. I told her to raise her hands to Heaven and thank Gof for her healing. "I love Jesus," she cried. "Jesus loves you," I replied.

This was my first mission trip. I came in desperation, seeking God and to be used by God. I was so concerned that God wouldn 't use me, but He sure did! This healing happened on the second day of the trip. Praise God!

    Global Awakening mission trip to Brazil

Breast Cancer; Back Pain

Today during the morning meeting I had the opportunity to pray for a girl who had a lump on her breast that reached around to her back. When I first started praying, I felt nothing, she felt nothing, and there were no manifestations. As we continued to pray, she said she felt her shoulder and arm go numb. I blessed what God was doing in Jesus 's name, and then she checked and the lump was gone! The look on ehr face and in her eyes was utter astonishment. She was overwhelmed that she was healed. It was awesome to see her realize that God had healed her. Then I prayed for an impartation of the Holy Spirit, and God blasted her! How fun! Glory to God! I also prayed for a hurt knee and God completely healed it. The coolest part is that I was not feeling super holy or anointed. It was just me asking God to heal, and He did. Praise God! He is faithful.

    Global Awakening mission trip to Manaus, Brazil

Breast Cancer; Back Pain; Salvation

Right after we all received impartation from Randy Clark, Gary Oates, and the rest, I went to the healing tent and I saw so many miracles! An elderly lady came for prayer. She had a cancerous tumor in her breast and pain in her back. We asked if she was a Christian, and she said she was not and she didn 't want to be one unless God could heal her. We thought it was the perfect opportunity for God to be glorified so we started praying. We called down the fire of Heaven to consume her and heal her. We commanded the tumor to disappear and the pain in her back to leave. The Holy Spirit came heavily upon her and she fell down under the power of the Spirit. She got up a few minutes later and we asked her to check and see if the tumor was gone and to move around and see if her back pain was completely gone. She checked and her back pain was totally gone and the lump in her breast had completely disappeared! We praised God and asked if she wanted to receive Christ as her Savior. She said "Yes!" with great joy and excitement. We led her in the salvation prayer and asked God to bless her.

    April and Catrina
    Global Awakening mission trip to Belém, Brazil

Breast Cancer; Uterine Problems

We were with Randy Clark at the local church in Belém, Brazil, on the last night of our mission trip. God 's presence was strong in the meeting. Many people were healed. A woman came seeking prayer for a tumor and problems in her uterus. She had a tumor the size of an egg underneath her left breast. As we prayed, I felt the tumor grow smaller and softer. She didn 't seem to think there was much change (just a little) so we prayed over her abdomen. She suddenly began to vibrate, and a spontaneous prayer language came out of her mouth. I asked the interpreter what was happening and she told us that the woman was feeling electricity shooting into her body. We checked for the tumor and it was gone! She was excited and started speaking very fast to the interpreter, who told us that the woman actually felt her uterus and ovaries "pulled up" into place in her body!!! Praise God.

    Global Awakening mission trip to Belém, Brazil


This is my favorite testimony from our mission trip to Ukraine. We had been praying for the dancers, and my translator was just giving them a final blessing when I noticed a woman wanting prayer. I called my translator for help. Just then an usher came over with a young teenage boy; he had just been saved that night and they wanted me to pray for him. I asked the boy to wait just a few minutes, as I needed to pray fo this other woman firs. He stood by while the woman told us that she wanted prayer for advanced cancer. As I got ready to pray, God told me to have the boy pray for her. I knew he had the Holy Spirit because he had been saved earlier in the evening. Through the translator I asked the boy if he heard what the woman needed, and he said, "Yes." I told him that he could help her. The woman interrupted and told the translator that the boy was only saved that night, indicating that she wanted us to pray for her, not the boy. I understood that because she had advanced cancer, she wanted the best prayer she could get, so I tried to reassure her that the boy carried the same authority to pray for her healing as we did. Then I had the boy place his hand on her and just ask God to help her. He seemed to go right at it, saying a simple prayer, and God began to touch her immediately! When the boy finished praying, I continued to pray and bless what God was doing, and then I asked my anointed translator to pray for the boy. God continued to touch the woman with powerful waves that shook her for quite some time. I prayed in Russian, "More, Lord—go deeper, Lord—more anointing for healing—be healed in the name of Jesus." When the shaking subsided, I brought the translator back and asked how the woman was doing. She said that all her pain was now gone. God had done something very powerful. She was going to check with her doctors, but she felt that she was healed. She was very happy, thanking me as we praised God together. Then I reminded her that it was the boy who had prayed for her first. She turned to him with tears and grabbed his hand, thanking him and blessing his life. Now that 's the way to start a life with Jesus. Thank You, Father; You are so good!

    Global Awakening mission trip to Ukraine

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