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Save on New Releases from Worthy Publishing

Save on New Releases from Worthy Publishing
Regular Price $16.99
Our Price $13.59

Our world is becoming more and more hostile toward the things of God. Another day, another year, another life passes and we haven't told anyone about the best thing that has ever happened to us -- the life-changing message of Jesus. Modern-day message of kindness and acceptance deceive us into thinking we never have to open our mouths and actually share the truth with other in love. In Compelled, Pastor Dudley Rutherford offers overwhelming motivation to take up th call of evangelism and takes the mystery out of evangelism by providing clear, easy-to-use methods to share one's faith in this postmodern world. You will be inspired to share the Gospel effectively with love and boldness.

Regular Price $16.99
Our Price $13.59

Two thousand years ago, followers of Jesus utterly astonished their critics. Since then, Christianity s influence has been remarkable. Christian universities, hospitals, and orphanages are the largest social service outreaches in the world. Our faith has shaped the arts, law, science, and civic life. Yet today particularly in the media Christians are dismissed as irrelevant. Cooke and Bock show the Christian community how we can once again astonish our critics, and in doing so, completely transform ourselves, others, and the world for good."

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